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Friday, May 16, 2014

The Easiest Way to Create a 'Collage Mosaic'

Collage or mosaic? Or 'collage mosaic'...?

Simply put: a collage is a bunch of pictures that are either glued together or assembled in such a way as to create a whole larger picture or piece of art. Now before technology, this meant taking a bunch of printed pictures either that you'd either taken or clipped (from some magazine or newspaper, right?), and glued them all onto another surface to create an interesting larger image. At one time or another, everyone has probably had to make a collage whether it was for school or just for fun. And now there are ways to make collages with digital photos! Now a mosaic in its most common form is an image or surface (like a floor surface) created by taking small bits of material (like colored glass or stones...etc) and assembling them together. Just like collages, mosaics have entered the digital world as well. And even better still, you can even put together a digital collage mosaic.

Uses for a Collage Mosaic

Now other than the fact that your sweet mosaic image will look RAD posted up on Facebook, there are a lot of other great uses for a collage mosaic.

1. A Gift

Need an inexpensive, but AWESOME holiday gift for your family members?
  • Either find a bunch of old family photos or check your computer/camera for digital photos you already have. Then use an amazingly easy website like to create your collage mosaic using all of your images for FREE. Go to your local print shop, print it out, frame it and wrap it up! A perfect, classy gift.

2. Event or Trip Photo Share

Did you take a road trip or attend a group event recently? Do you and your friends all have a ton of photos you want to share?
  • Don't just create a Facebook album, get snazzy! With your 'powers combined' (and your photos, of course), you can all create an account on and submit all of your photos together to create one big EPIC collage mosaic!

3. A Website or Blog

Have a business website or a personal blog, or both?
  • Now we've all seen boring image galleries or sliders on websites, but why follow the 'norm' when YOU could look super cool and creative with your collage mosaic!

So where can I make an AWESOME Collage Mosaic??

On, of course! It's simple! Follow these steps:
  1. Visit and create an account in a matter of seconds
  2. Login to your brand new account
  3. Using the Photo Mosaic Creator, choose your Big Pictures
  4. Choose your smaller pictures
  5. Click Create Photo Mosaic
After you've done that, the rest is even easier! Just use the handy editor to change up the tile size on your mosaic, add more photos, and adjust the color resolution. Once you're satisfied, you can Save your AMAZING collage mosaic in HD. Either just share it with others on Mosaically or download it to use digitally or get it printed. What a fun way to display your precious moments in life!

How To Make a Photo Mosaic using Mosaically

Mosaically - Free Online Photo Mosaic Creator

Combine Hundreds of Pictures into One Epic Gift! No registration required to try it out. 1. Pick Big Picture, 2. Pick Small Pictures, 3. Create Photo Mosaic!

How to Create One Picture from Multiple Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the story an album full of pictures has to tell. A collage of images that pulls together so many memories into one place can make a wonderful gift, one that will be treasured and proudly displayed through the years. It can be an excellent conversation piece or a tribute to someone special. The question many may ask is how to create one picture from multiple pictures. Thanks to Mosaically, it can be a breeze.

How to Create One Picture from Multiple Pictures: Knowing Where to Begin At Mosaically, you'll find everything you need to make one amazing image from a collection of pictures, the end result a veritable work of art. Mosaically is a Mosaic Photo Creator that allows you to take a particular photo and recreate it with a series of other photos used in mosaic style to produce a unique effect that is captivating. It's the perfect way to mark a special occasion, show someone how much you care, or to simply let your imagination soar as you allow Mosaically to make magic happen. Better yet, the site is free to use in order to post pictures on Mosaically's website. Creations can be shared with others as well. Otherwise, it only costs a small fee to download the program to your computer, allowing you more freedom to use this exciting resource.

Getting Started is Easy Once you've learned how to create one picture from multiple pictures, you'll make many return trips to Mosaically. The first step is to choose a picture that will be the main image. It should be easy to recognize, even when standing at a distance. Next, pick an assortment of pictures that will create the mosaic, or collage. There's no limit to the number of photos you choose, although it will be more effective if you can choose pictures that have colors to complement your main image. Finally, you can create your mosaic. From that point, you can go on to make more photos and share them with your family or friends. Soon you will be telling others how to create one picture from multiple pictures and start a new trend. Enjoy browsing the assortment of photos that are posted on Mosaically to get inspiration for your unique blend of pictures. In the end, you'll have a beautiful mosaic beyond compare.